Datagami is a new age digital technology, consulting and effective business process management service company. We help our customers to align their business with new age digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, Big data analytics, cyber security, robotics process automation, and blockchain. Our consulting teams are capable to innovate, design, and disrupt market using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for business stability and growth. We have effective business process management framework which supports our customers on their business with new revenue growth, sustainability, and security.


We offer services in the area of Education, Startup Incubation and Collaboration Centre and System integration. Our education brand “SMARTREE” i.e. www.smartree.in established to shape digital technology education for working professionals, fresh graduates, and upcoming intermediate students studying their graduation. We wanted to bring the best of the technology education face to face moving away from growing online self-learning base education. Our differentiator in these training programs is the focus and amount on the practical experience (60%) that we impart. We believe this will help students to minimize the practical learning curve and become productive immediately.

Startup Incubation and Collaboration Centre

We support startups to be part of successful growth stories where they can implement ideas into reality using their experience and our mentoring through this center. This incubation center is aimed at helping upcoming start-up company or individuals with a unique selling value preposition to use our platform as a launch pad to create the practice under the brand name of Datagami. The idea goes through our rigorous process of idea evaluation to mentoring, marketing support and use of the Datagami platform. With our experience and expertise, we have evolved a matured process as depicted below that takes the valid idea to a successfully run business.
Idea Evaluation
This is a comprehensive process where each idea is evaluated giving complete merit to the idea. It involves the following.
  • Submit your idea with the proof of concept
  • Shortlisting of idea by the committee
Due Diligence and Pricing
A complete due diligence is done on the concept to ensure that it is feasible in every aspect. The due diligence involves the following.
  • Technical and functional due diligence
  • In-depth validation of the ideas
  • Possible market disruption analysis
  • Time to market the product or service
  • Monopoly period of the product or service
  • Financial due diligence
  • Product or Service pricing analysis
  • Committee review on the due diligence
Setting up the Management Framework
Getting idea into practice is an art and game of an expert. It requires lot of methodical activities as well as experience to see beyond things. The framework that has been built by us is based on experience and contains the following.
  • Alternative methods of investments
  • Validation of the funding requirements
  • Selection and alignment of Business Management Framework for your idea
Our methodology once idea is shortlisted ensure ultimate incubation success.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is rapidly gaining importance across all industry sectors as a differentiator. It is imperative for executives to understand the massive disruption artificial intelligence and machine learning is expected to bring in every sphere of their business, role, and in the lives of their customers. We offer wide spectrum of services to cover this niche area and help enterprises to quickly establish themselves with this practice.

This is conducted for Directors, “C” level officers and Business Heads. This is a 5 day event with the objective of helping the company leadership to understand this practice in depth to the desired level.

Deliver Turn Key Projects
We offer to work on pre-defined outcome based turn key projects. We use our expertise to design, implement and support the turn-key projects. We use our best practices gained over a period to ensure the success of the project.
Maintenance and Support
Not only do we deliver turn-key projects but we offer through our support center the maintenance and support of the existing AI and ML project through our exhaustive knowledge management and dissipation process.

Any organization will benefit using this practice if they are willing to invest into research and analysis of the large data that is collected every day. The decision making becomes informed once new algorithms that considers new possibilities are evolved. We offer our research service on behavior analysis which is our core strength using deep learning methodology to provide these insights to the enterprise.

Internet of Things

We empower organizations to create and sustain true value from diverse IoT data and initiatives – whether that data is at the edge, in motion or at rest. Our robust, scalable and open edge-to-enterprise platform bridges IT and operational environments while spanning the entire analytics life cycle.

Since this is a new area of exploration for many enterprises, we offer a comprehensive methodology to ensure that the investment in these projects will provide monetized returns.

This methodology primarily covers
  • Identification of enterprise specific challenges
  • Development of monetization plan
  • Create robust IOT framework with long term view
Our comprehensive IOT framework cover entire spectrum of services which include
  • Visualization and statistical modelling,
  • Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics,
  • IoT analytics – including AI, machine learning and deep learning
Opportunity Analysis
Unless the real problem is not identified from the stakeholders, any solution will be of no use. We engage in detailed study with stakeholders like factory and plant managers to define the exact opportunity.

Implementation and Support
The scenario keeps on changing and new requirements and technologies are introduced. In order to cope up with these changes, we have built our implementation and support framework so that these changes are adopted in the optimal fashion.

Cyber Security

Enterprises across world are increasing their spend on information technology management and securing business critical information from external as well as internal threats. Today the technology growth rate has overtaken the security growth rate. This necessitates all enterprises to institutionalize a robust cyber security framework that will cope up with the rates of changes in the technology in the most adoptive manner.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to enterprises that will help achieve this objective.

Non-compliance can cause heavy penalties to any enterprise. We comprehensively cover following areas.
  • Enterprise Compliance Management
  • Compliance designing, reviewing, auditing and reporting
  • Business cyber risk identification
Vulnerability Management
Proactive assessment of the cyber security threats is effective way of mitigating and resolving the. Through the following services we comprehensively cover this risk.
  • Vulnerability Management and Threat Management Services
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions
Managed Security Services
Having a reliable partner takes off the load of any enterprise from their non-core activities. Our objective is the fulfill this role. We cover the following.
  • Remote monitoring, reporting and analysis
  • Asset management and Information management.
  • Incident Management Service
  • Incident reporting, response & recovery solutions
  • planning and controls on the remedies.
  • Centralised incident consolidations
ISM Systems Accreditions
We help enterprises to adopt to the best practices in different areas by way of getting accredited to the following certifications.
  • ISO 27001/27002
  • CIS Security Controls
  • NIST

Branding and Marketing Management

Perhaps the most challenging part for any start-up is branding and marketing. We manage and market business using business management framework which delivers value proposition of the business. We analyse and align unique selling value proposition as a brand with business management framework that collaborate product or services with the business value impacts stronger business sustainability. Branding is a continuous cycle on the product or services awareness and revision in the customer experience.

We have designed such platform where business can easily communicate their capabilities using our business management frameworks. We have developed 24 practical business management frameworks on the branding, marketing, change management, business sustainability and growth. Some of our framework are SUN branding management framework, STAR branding management framework, etc.

Green Data Center Consulting

Green data center solution covers green power and cooling infrastructure solution, coupled with energy-efficient equipment and management system which is the factor to drive the demand for green data center over the other data centers.

We offer our consulting services in the following areas.

Data Center Hosting

Data center hosting is one of the business-critical requirements of the enterprises to manage information volume at central location without any hassles on the human, technological knowledge, data backup, and disasters management.

We offer enterprises for two different services in i.e. Managed Hosting and Colocation:

Managed Hosting
  • Minimises data center footprint by outsourcing IT infrastructure
  • We maintain and provides support for managing the enterprise hardware in our data center.
  • The maintenance and support in a managed hosting arrangement by the our network operating center team.
  • We provide this service on a grand scale as one of its key services and its highly unlikely that customer information technology deployment will present any challenge(s) that they have not faced and solved before.
  • Minimises data center footprint and maintain control over your hardware
  • Our service offerings of colocation, customer or enterprise can move their hardware off premises to our colocation data center.
  • This saves customer or enterprise from high capital costs of building own data center.
  • Our endeavor is to provide best of the class managed service and optimize the customer investment while maximizing the performance. With our expertise and team combination in this area we are uniquely poised to deliver these services to the enterprises.
Our endeavor is to provide best of the class managed service and optimize the customer investment while maximizing the performance. With our expertise and team combination in this area we are uniquely poised to deliver these services to the enterprises.

Oracle ERP

Oracle is one of the leading technology stacks with a majority of enterprises use it for different applications and with different objectives. Oracle ERP is one of the top two ERPs used across the globe.

We have a team of experts in having domain experiences in Discreet manufacturing, Process manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Banking, and financial industries in Oracle products of Enterprise Resource Planning in-premise & cloud, Customer Relationship Management in-premise & cloud, Supply chain Management in-premise & cloud, Block chain on cloud, and Internet of Things.

We offer comprehensive Oracle ERP services to the enterprises.